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Turnbuckles & Eyebolts

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Samco’s Turnbuckles / Eyebolts come in a range of sizes and types. We offer Hook & Eye, Jaw & Jaw, Eye & Eye, Hook & Hook, Jaw & Eye, and Stubs End Turnbuckles. Turnbuckles are devices used to adjust the tension and/or length of such things as cables, tie rods, ropes and other tensioning systems. The tension is adjusted by rotating the frame, which in turn causes both eyelets of the turnbuckle to be screwed in or out simultaneously, without twisting the eyelets or the attached tensioning system (e.g. cable or rope).

Turnbuckles are used in industrial and other applications that required a large amount of tension. They can range in mass from a few grams for thin cable wiring to thousands of kilograms for large-scale structural elements found in suspension bridges and in buildings. Other uses include aircraft, shipping, and pipe systems to name a few. Turnbuckles are often used in conjunction with an eyebolt. Samco sells a wide range of eyebolts that include Regular Eye Bolts, Machine Shoulder Eye Bolts, Eye Nuts, and Shouldered Eye Bolts.


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