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Blocks & Pulleys

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Blocks and Pulleys by Samco come in a variety of sizes, metals and load grades. Many of our blocks and pulleys are used by professionals that have to use them to set up rigging for climbing such as utility companies, window washing companies, and arborists. Marine uses include rigging systems that help fisherman haul in their fish or to move cargo from the ship to land.

We offer a large variety of rigging equipment for the uses mentioned above and for many other commercial and industrial applications. Our selection of blocks and pulleys includes snatch blocks, wooden blocks with hooks, rigging blocks, trawl blocks, yarding blocks, tackle blocks and more. These pulley systems are used in conjunction with wire rope or other types of rigging.

Many of our customers utilize the blocks and pulleys in fixed and moving configurations. They work with a number of pulleys to determine the mechanical advantage for the ratio of required strength to the weight of the load. We always advise to not exceed the working load limit (WLL).

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