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Horizon & Mushroom Anchors

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Samco has been producing and selling horizon and mushroom anchors for a variety of marine applications since 1981. The Horizon anchor is typically used with lighter or smaller fishing and pleasure boats. It is designed to allow the boat to make a 360 degree turn without releasing itself from the sea bed. It also is built to align with the force of the wind or tide, therefore limited the chance that it will break out of the sea bed with wind or tide changes.

The mushroom anchor’s marine use is mainly as a mooring anchor for smaller boats. This is due to the anchor’s limited holding power. This anchor also is limited for use in specific sea bed conditions. It is designed to create suction in soft sea bottom conditions. It can also be used to secure small ocean markers or buoys. Also many oil and gas companies will place seismic machines and other markers in the ocean with the aid of mushroom anchors.

Samco’s horizon and mushroom anchors come in a variety of weights for use with different types of boats, buoys and marine markers.

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